Total Machine Safety is the first integrated electrical and fluid power machine safeguarding training program. This comprehensive approach to evaluating and designing safety controls systems is critical in the overall success of a safety program. An understanding of global safety standard requirements for lockout and machine guarding is critical to implementing safety systems that both protect employees and promote greater productivity. When safety is addressed in the machine design process you begin to realize that safety is just another aspect of good business practices.

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ROSS/FLEX® is the answer when you need the function of a standard product in a specific package and need it quickly. ROSS can repackage the existing, proven internal parts of standard products to your specifications, eliminating the need for life cycle testing. ROSS’s engineering design team can provide a unique solution that is designed to your requirements, delivered in days rather than weeks or months. ROSS/FLEX® eliminates costs and dramatically reduces the time required to develop a solution.

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ROSS Assemblies

For frequently ordered ROSS components, a single kit or assembly part number can be set up for you. This helps to ensure that all components are ordered correctly every time. Examples include valve manifold assemblies, air preparation units with lockout valves or control reliable double valves, or even a combination of individual components that don’t connect directly to one another but are used for the same application. To get your assembly order started, or to have an assembly made for you get in contact with us at:

1 (416) 251-7677 or CONTACT US

IS-machine Repair & Maintenance

manufactIS GmbH by ROSS Canada is a complete IS-machine support service taking care of consulting, development, design, spare parts, and on-site service. As production requires continue to grow, and new technology regulations are added, and safety continues to gain focus, keeping up and implementing these changes can be a challenge. manufactIS GmbH can help you with all these changes for a more productive machine with consistent output.

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ROSS® Repair Service

We offer certified repair services on ROSS products to quickly get you back to work. Our repair services include: diagnosis of problem, replacement of worn parts, bench testing, cleaning and renewal of assembled seals, and custom request repair. You can be rest assured our repairs are done to plant specifications. Get in contact with ROSS to get the repair process started today!

All valves returned to ROSS Canada must have a Returned Good Authorization (RGA) number. If you purchased your valve from ROSS directly, please contact our customer service department for your RGA number at 1 (416) 251-7677 or CONTACT US. If you purchase your valve from an authorized ROSS Canada distributor, please contact the distributor for your RGA number.

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