ROSS UK is celebrating 30 years within the pneumatic valve, control systems and safety industry and for the wider company it has been almost nine decades of designing and supplying an industry approved selection of high standard safety and control solutions.

For the global network of offices under the ROSS CONTROLS® name, including ROSS UK, we are proud to combine sophisticated manufacturing facilities with strong and flexible distribution and service networks to offer the ultimate solution to our client base. All safety-related products designed and developed by ROSS UK abide to the latest legal regulations and directives, and in a plethora of cases we don’t just meet expectations, we exceed the required standards.

The globally recognised and operated ROSS safety team are just one part of the service provided to customers looking for pneumatic solutions to complete their safety systems. The ROSS UK specialists assist you in the selection of appropriate products for your specific applications to ensure a bespoke approach that addresses the problems you are facing as an organisation. Our team also work to adjust your system components in such a way that they comply with the ruling safety provisions. 

We are also proud to offer customers the free-of-charge download of a database covering ROSS safety-related products, which provides the essential framework needed to evaluate safety-relevant machine applications. Using the SISTEMA software tool, which was developed by the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance (IFA, formerly known as BGIA), ROSS UK safety valve customers can ensure convenience and increased system design accuracy.

Want to find out more about how our safety systems and the associated software service can cut costs and save time within your workplace? Contact us today on 01543 671495 or email