Understanding the Fluid Power Safety Development Life Cycle

Course Details

Objectives: To educate attendees on holistic safety development processes and procedures during one day technical session.


  • Fluid Power
  • Risk assessment including pneumatics, hydraulics and electrical
  • Functional specification development
  • Safety product selection including input logic and output devices
  • Safety system design
  • Safety system installation and validation
  • Periodic inspection requirements


  • Online
  • Customer premises
  • National Fluid Power Centre

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Our Facilitators

The same subject matter experts who developed the programme also facilitate the programme. Our pool of facilitators:

  • Understand the existing global safety standard landscape and future direction
  • Assess and minimise risk when evaluating machines for safety
  • Examine work environments and recognise potential problems
  • Grasp the basics of electrical and fluid power safety components
  • Manage productivity and uptime by taking a holistic approach to machine safety

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