For over 35 years, ROSS Controls has supported the UK with a sales office and warehouse. Following the acquisition of Pneumatrol, the well-known UK manufacturer of explosion proof solenoid valves, linear actuators and cylinders, the ROSS UK office and warehouse have relocated to the Pneumatrol premises in Accrington, Lancashire after both companies merged to form ROSS Pneumatrol Ltd.

As well as holding an extensive stock of standard fluid power products, ROSS Pneumatrol is a unique resource for a total system solution. Our ROSS/FLEX engineering team can design and build custom solutions specific to client application requirements. In addition, ROSS Pneumatrol has Certified Machine Safety Experts (CMSE) who are able to advise customers on what products to use to ensure their machinery and equipment comply with all the latest safety regulations as well as offer safety product training courses which are available online, at customer’s premises, or at the National Fluid Power Centre.

For over 100 years, ROSS Controls has provided standard products and customised solutions for industrial machinery and automation applications in industries such as Press Metal Forming, Glass Container, Automotive, Metals, Packaging and Pulp & Paper. For more than half a century, ROSS has developed industry-leading safety solutions, originally with pneumatic valves with internal monitoring and now designed for external monitoring that maintain control reliability when properly integrated into the system. Recognised as the global leader in fluid power safety, ROSS Controls recently expanded its portfolio with hydraulic Block & Bleed and Block & Hold valves along with e L-O-X & ElectroGuard Safety Energy Isolation Systems that enable maintenance personnel to perform lockout/tagout (LOTO) energy isolation procedures.

Certified to ISO 9001:2015

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