Press Metal Stamping

As a globally leading manufacturer of standardised products and pneumatic controls for metal forming applications, ROSS UK has years of experience catering to the press industry. From our UK branch, we are able to offer a wide range of innovative products and use our extensive industry knowledge to develop products specifically for the press and metal forming sector. The mid-1950s has particularly prevalent for the entire ROSS brand and the press metal stamping industry as we became the very first pneumatics manufacturer to offer double valves for the press sector. This pioneering step contributed substantially to the improvement of safety standards in this segment and the industry as we know it today would not be the same. In addition to this landmark development, ROSS has introduced a number of industry leading concepts for the safe control of presses over the years, including measures involving clutch and brake systems. As our time in the industry grew so did our developments and ROSS engineers have been responsible for delivering a series of innovative solutions for press applications and press systems. Due to our know-how and decades of experience gained on a national and international level, the ROSS UK team continues to lead by providing products designed to safeguard man and machinery in potentially hazardous industrial environments. To discover more about the pneumatic solutions ROSS UK Limited can introduce to your safety systems, get in touch today on 01543 671495 or email