Pneumatic equipment is essential to any organisation working within the aluminium industry. Due to the harsh environments faced, pneumatic equipment must be able to deliver optimum performance when exposed to high temperatures and corrosive materials.

Here at ROSS UK Limited, we understand the needs of those in the aluminium industry implicitly and have been a vital aspect of operations for organisations throughout the UK since we formed in the 1980s.

Our extensive range of reliable and cost-efficient products ensures high performance in the most extreme conditions and specifically cater to the needs of customers in this violate sector. In addition to this, ROSS products cover a great deal of smelter applications, such as crustbreaking and feeding, pot door opening, anode jacking, pot tapping and much, much more.

Thanks to our experienced team of aluminium industry professionals, ROSS products offer unbeatable performance, reliability and value for money, making them the first choice for organisations throughout the aluminium sector.

Let our time served team solve the pneumatic problems associated with your aluminium smelting by contacting ROSS UK Limited today.

Please call us on 01543 671495 or email to find out how we can help keep your plant producing at top productivity level while keeping operational costs at an impressively low level.